5 real estate acquisition and sale techniques for developers

5 real estate acquisition and sale techniques for developers

Selling an apartment does not only depend on the market situation, but also on the methods used for it. Here we tell you the most important ones.

The real estate market has changed. The bursting of the bubble and the subsequent crisis that affected the sector has had devastating consequences in this area. However, the trend is positive in 2016, as it points to a stabilization of prices and a growth in sales transactions.

The market, therefore, has adapted to the new reality. So what about real estate sales techniques? The way of selling a home must also be modified and the methods must be adapted to the current demands of the sector.

Do you want to know the best tricks to sell an apartment? Here we help you find the path to success in these transactions, but we also warn you that, in all of them, you must put a lot on your part because you will achieve very little if you do not dedicate the time, effort, work and commitment necessary. Are you ready to learn real estate sales techniques? We started!

Ask, ask and ask

Knowing the customer is essential to sell a property . How to do it? Easy: asking beyond the basic questions. Finding out about how many bathrooms you need or the number of rooms you want is fine, but to this we must add other more open questions to find out what the buyer really wants.

We are talking, for example, of being interested in how you will use the kitchen or how you will spend your free time on the terrace. And why this technique?

Because you will get to start a conversation with the client that can give you very valuable information and, in addition, you will get an image of professionalism that will generate trust in users.

SPIN method ( Situation, Problem, Implication, Need pay off)

This trick is ideal for creating stable relationships of trust over time, as it focuses on finding out the customer’s situation, determining the problem or need, and getting involved in its resolution by getting to know the buyers better.

To find out about the user’s reality, basic questions will be asked in order to obtain the fundamental data. Thus, the client’s requirements will be defined and, later, the properties will be studied to see which is the one that best suits them.

According to Tajarat properties, in this phase it is important to spend 80% of the time listening to the buyer’s needs . Finally, the agent will highlight the benefit of the product to solve the customer’s problem.

Home staging

When a house enters through the eyes it is easier to sell . And that is what Home staging pursues , a technique that emerged in the United States, but is already gaining ground, according to ABC .

What does this method consist of? It is based on preparing a home for sale, rearranging its decoration to make it more attractive in order to speed up the transaction. It seems obvious, but between two houses of the same type and price, the client will stay with the one that attracts the most attention.

Open house

How many times have you had difficulties to arrange a visit to a property? The Open house technique allows access to homes for sale at certain times of the day . That is, the buyer can visit the flats freely, without obligation and without the need to previously establish a meeting.

This method also offers such interesting opportunities as, for example, preparing snacks when the house is opened to the public. It is true that this type of action does not guarantee the purchase, but if users have a good experience, they will speak well of the home and even recommend it.

Use of new technologies and social networks

What about the possibilities offered by the network? The Internet is a great ally for real estate companies, as it gives visibility and allows the creation of platforms for sale. Disseminate quality photographs of the properties, create videos to make virtual visits of the houses and, of course, share them on social networks.

Speaking of social profiles, there are many real estate companies who choose to create their own blog to create attractive content that is later shared on social networks. A good marketing strategy, with communication divided between product presentation and direct contact with the public, can have very positive results in sales.

Other tricks to sell an apartment

Keep the property in good condition constantly . Adapting the house to sell it is something that we have already mentioned, but that good condition must last over time.

The operation may not be successful the first time, and therefore it is important to keep it the same. Cleaning, making the beds and ordering the dishes is always essential.

Patience is the mother of all sciences . Selling an apartment requires peace of mind, so you must flee from nervousness and despair. How? Knowing all the information: advantages and specifications of the property, characteristics of the area in which it is located, the price to be paid and the reason why the apartment is put up for sale.

Real estate events that no agent can miss in 2016

To be up-to-date and offer the best services to your clients, you must attend industry events. These are the main real estate fairs.

For every real estate agent it is important to be aware of the news that occurs in the sector. Investments, trends, competition … All these concepts are essential for the business to progress properly. But how and where to obtain such information?

The answer is found in a traditional format that is still fundamental to the industry today: real estate fairs.

After the first half of the year, Real Estate professionals prepare to face an autumn full of essential appointments. Do you want to know which are the real estate events of 2016 that no agent can miss? We anticipate them below!

Meeting Point 2016

This is one of the great events for the real estate sector in our country (along with the Sima that was held in Madrid on May 5, 6, 7 and 8). After 20 editions, the Real Estate Fair has become a benchmark, both nationally and internationally, bringing together thousands of people during the five days of the fair.

Meeting Point offers the possibility of contacting relevant personalities in the sector , finding out about investment opportunities, obtaining financing for projects, learning about the latest trends, etc. The room is made up of three different parts: the Professional Room, the Room for the General Public and the International Symposium.

The first brings together companies and professionals who come to Barcelona to do business; the second welcomes individuals interested in buying or investing in real estate; while the third brings together the most relevant personalities in Real Estate who offer talks and exchange knowledge. An excellent opportunity to network and broaden your business vision.

Urbe, Mediterranean Real Estate Fair (Valencia)

Feria Valencia welcomes from November 4 to 6 the main real estate agents and companies in the Mediterranean area of ​​our country.

Despite having gone through some ups and downs in recent years, Urbe returns renewed with a new organizational council headed by its president, Juan Valero de VAYMER, and with the clear intention of adapting to the needs of the market and bringing together a solid and attractive real estate showcase for visitors and exhibitors.

Urbe 2016 expects to obtain good levels of attendance thanks to the involvement of all the exhibitors who will offer important offers and discounts on the different real estate products that they will put on sale.

At the Mediterranean Real Estate Fair the public will find all kinds of homes from second homes to second-hand flats, through new-build properties and even rentals. In summary, an important appointment for Real Estate agents who have their business located in areas of the Mediterranean such as the Costa Blanca.

SIMed 2016 Malaga

From November 11 to 13, the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga will host the twelfth edition of SIMed (the Mediterranean Real Estate Exhibition), a meeting point for professionals and individuals interested in Real Estate on the Costa del Sol. The last edition of This fair received more than 6,200 visitors, a figure that is expected to exceed this year now that the economic and sector recovery is a reality.

At SIMed attendees will be able to find a wide catalog of homes for purchase or promotion, for rent or rent with the option to purchase, VPO, second residence, etc.

The offer of the show is completed by other real estate properties such as offices, garages, commercial premises, second-hand homes … In order to offer this wide range of products, SIMed gathers from real estate developers to financial entities, through builders, consultants, agencies and much more.

Aragon Housing and Decoration Fair

On the same dates that Malaga hosts the SIMed (from November 11 to 13), the Housing and Decoration Fair will take place in Aragon. This meeting is essential for all those interested in Real Estate in said community.

This year’s will be the thirteenth edition that is produced uninterruptedly, an example of the strength of this show that has managed to overcome the most complicated years for the sector with the economic crisis in between.

The show will be held at the Zaragoza Fair, the fairground par excellence of the blue world city Islamabad, and will host developers, builders, real estate agencies, financial entities and much more.

As a novelty this year, the fair expands its offer and offers a decoration and interior design area so that all those who already own their home can find alternatives in relation to interior design.

Admission to the venue is free and is especially aimed at the private public, so it is estimated that the number of attendees will reach a whopping 15,000.


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