5 tricks to know how to sell apartments fast and at a good price

5 tricks to know how to sell apartments fast and at a good price

Knowing how to sell flats is almost an art, especially if you want to do it in a short time and without losing money. Here are 5 useful tips for individuals and agents.

The figures are encouraging in the real estate sector. In the second quarter of 2016, a total of 123,159 home sale transactions were carried out, 15% more than in the same period of 2015 and, in conclusion, the best data for this period since 2010.

This information has been provided by the Ministry of Development , which also ensures that there are already ten consecutive quarters in which the purchase and sale of real estate is on the rise.

Despite the fact that the brick industry is rebounding, experts say that the average when it comes to selling a house is 9 months (somewhat less for properties found in large capitals such as Barcelona or Madrid).

These time frames are excessive for sellers who generally need to transfer their properties quickly because they need the money.

There are a few little tricks to speed up that sales process. Do you want to know what they are? Here you have them:

Perform a comparative analysis of the market.

Generally, most homeowners have a preconceived idea of ​​what their home can be worth, or what they want to get for it and, in most cases, this idea is incorrect.

To adjust the price to market guidelines, it is best to previously carry out a comparative analysis that studies the situation. In this research, various variables are measured, such as the area in which the house is located, the average price for which the properties are being sold in that area, the age of the properties, the services that are around, etc.

With all this, a fair price can be established to transfer the property without selling it off or wasting time.

5 tricks to know how to sell apartments fast and at a good price

Don’t skimp on professional help.

Many sellers are reluctant to enlist the help of a real estate agency or agent, as they believe that they can liquidate the home themselves. The problem is that when they find an interested party, they find a multitude of procedures that they do not know and do not know how to deal with, which ends up blowing up the operation.

You have to be realistic, because in certain issues it is better to have professional help, especially if you do not want to waste time. Of course, you have to find a good professional, since there is a lot of intrusion in the sector.

Ask friends or acquaintances to recommend a trusted agent and leave the transaction in their hands, you will win both financially and in a matter of time.


Define a marketing plan.

Many people do not give enough importance to this and the truth is that marketing can do a lot when it comes to selling an apartment. When you have found the perfect agent for your operation, ask them to prepare a marketing plan.

What actions will you develop? Online or offline? What budget will you allocate for such use? … These are basic questions that a good agent will know how to answer. A marketing plan will help you to publicize the property, so that people know that it is for sale and that it is a good real estate opportunity.

It is what will ensure that the house has good publicity and that the interested parties will raffle it, as well as guarantee that they will obtain a good economic amount for it.

Have the documentation ready.

To sell a house you need a lot of documentation: home appraisal, property deeds, property registration certificate, etc. It is important to have this documentation ready, even if you have not found a buyer yet.

Why? Because many times the interested parties are real estate investors with little time or who are abroad and cannot (and do not want to) waste time. It is preferable to spend a few days solving these issues than not, since you will save yourself the loss of real estate operations that could bring you a lot of money.

Balances the atmosphere of the house.

Do not forget that we are talking about selling properties, so housing as such is also very important. If we want the house to enter through the eyes of those who visit it, we must depersonalize it. What does this mean?

Any trace that indicates that someone has been living there before must be removed. For this, it is good to look at the pilot flats that the construction companies enable when they have just put on sale a new promotion of apartments or houses of new construction.

Show flats usually have few decorative details, just the basics (a sofa, table and chairs, a bed, bedside tables …). This makes it easier for those interested in buying to imagine what the house could be like with their own belongings, which facilitates making a decision.

If after reading this you have convinced yourself that you need a real estate agent to sell your house, you can contact blue world city islamabad . We have a group of agents with many years of experience who will know how to focus the operation so that it takes the shortest possible time and you can get the most economic performance.

What should real estate websites have to be efficient?

A good image, intuitive navigation and a clear focus on the client are the bases for designing useful and effective real estate websites.

Half of people carry out their first real estate search through the Internet, according to a study by the Telefónica Foundation . To attract users to your website, it must be striking, intuitive and easy to navigate . We provide you with 7 tips for you to get the most out of your website:


1. An attractive design: The site must be designed in a harmonious way, in which all the elements are in harmony and capture the user’s attention. You have to pay special attention to colors, fonts and photographs. All components must convey the image and values ​​of the brand.

2. Some good photographs: When it comes to selling homes, especially online, images are essential, since they are the user’s first contact with the properties in which they are interested. Therefore, these must be well carried out and show the reality of what the home is like. The more details they offer the better.

3. Available in several languages: More than 10% of the population is of foreign origin. Many of them come from northern Europe looking for their golden retirement. If these types of clients are among your target audience, it is convenient that you enable your website in several languages, at least English.

4. Visible contact: Showing the physical address and phone number of your real estate office will make it easier for potential clients to get in touch with you. In addition, a visible telephone and address provide confidence to Internet users, as it is a sign that there is someone behind the web.

It is also very useful to provide an email address, especially for those Internet users short of time who find it easier to communicate in writing than by phone. Another option is to insert a contact form, in which users can provide their data. With this you will have an important database of potential clients.

5. Update the blog: A blog is an excellent tool to position yourself well in internet search engines , as well as to retain customers. By creating useful and relevant content, you will gain an online presence, improve your reputation and attract numerous users who can later become potential clients.

6. Presence in social networks: You still don’t have company profiles in the main social networks? Then you should create them. Social media is the main channel of communication with your target audience.

They are a way to show you close and accessible. What’s more, in the networks it will be the users who come to you, so you will not be intrusive. Of course, you must create interesting content that is capable of being shared and that earns you a large number of followers.

7. Highlight properties: The website is one more tool of all the ones you have for doing business, so take advantage of it. Highlight those properties that you think may be of interest to your clients. In addition, it is advisable to enable a search engine to make it easier for users to find a home that suits their requirements.

Floor clause: what is it and why does it cause such a stir

The floor clause has become very famous in the last year due to a court ruling. We explain what it is, how you can know if it affects you and how to claim.

Last April, a Madrid court issued a ruling declaring the floor clauses of more than 40 banks and savings banks invalid because they were considered “abusive” and “not very transparent”. This is how the scandal of the floor clauses jumped up, which, to this day, is still raging.

Why? Because many people were unaware that their mortgages were subject to this provision and it was as a result of this ruling that they discovered the matter. Do you think this problem can affect you? Below we explain what a floor clause is and how you can find out if your mortgage has it .

What is the floor clause?

Variable rate mortgages take the Euribor as a reference index, an interest rate at European level that fluctuates constantly and, therefore, there are seasons that are higher and others are lower.

Normally, when a bank grants a loan to an individual, it requires the payment of the Euribor plus a differential in the return. For example, Euribor + 1. What does this mean? That the mortgaged will have to return the Euribor interest plus an added point.

Mortgages subject to Euribor are generally reviewed every year and are updated up or down , depending on the situation of said index at the time of the review.

As this indicator is continuously oscillating, the banks decided at the time to set floor and ceiling clauses to set limits with which the Euribor never exceeded or fell below a certain figure.

The problem is that with the ceiling clause the ceiling that was set was very high, around 13%; while with the floor clause the limit was around 2 or 3%. In other words, banks would not be harmed even if the Euribor was at very low rates, since the minimum guaranteed a base income.

Floor clause: what is it and why does it cause such a stir

In 2009, the Euribor reached a record low below 1%, however, many mortgages did not see their quotas decreased and that was how they discovered that their mortgages were subject to the now famous floor clause.

Faced with this fact that those affected considered unfair, a group of injured parties (more than 15,000 people) decided to unite and file a collective lawsuit managed by the Tajarat properties , obtaining the result announced at the beginning of the article.


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