7 marketing tactics for real estate

7 marketing tactics for real estate

Winning clients and increasing the number of sales of your business is possible by implementing a real estate marketing strategy. Here are 7 tactics to succeed.

In a market as competitive as real estate, in which both consumers and professionals have changed their ways of seeing and understanding the business, it is essential to adapt to these new trends so as not to remain stagnant.

One of them has a direct impact on marketing, as the classic outbound techniques no longer work. Currently, the bulk of the market is on the internet and that is where real estate companies like nova islamabad focus their efforts.

43% of clients looking for a home find it online , according to the California Agency of Realtors . So it is essential to have online representation if you want clients to locate you. But it is not worth just having a website, you have to spin a whole real estate marketing strategy to obtain the desired results.

What are the tactics to follow? We anticipate them below:

Optimize the web page : Your site is like an office but on the internet. It is your business card, therefore you must take care of its image. This has to be fully integrated with the branding of your company so that it is instantly recognizable.

Same corporate colors, same logo, same slogan … You also have to take great care that the site is responsive, because we must not forget that 80% of smartphone users search on the internet from their mobile ( via Smart Insights ).

In addition, this will help you to better position your website in search engines, since it is an aspect that Google takes into account.

Define the keywords: What is the area of ​​specialization of your real estate? Luxury houses ? Holiday apartments? Temporary rentals? … Whatever it is, you have to define a series of keywords that identify your business.

To perform this exercise, you must first think about how your target audience searches for you on the internet. You can also rely on tools such as Google Trends or Google Adwords that will reveal the keywords that are most used to search for real estate services.

Generate relevant content: Surely you have already heard that “on the internet, content is king”. 80% of buyers prefer to obtain information about a brand through its content than through advertising, according to Exact Target.

So if you want to reach your potential customers, you must provide them with relevant information, which goes beyond the usual and provides them with added value. Bet on different formats such as video, infographics and written articles to capture different profiles and not be repetitive.



Spread through social networks : Not everyone has to know your website, so you should rely on other channels to spread your content. Social networks, in this sense, can become great allies. In each of them you will find a type of audience, so you must adapt the messages to each recipient.

On Linkedin you will find a more professional audience, while on Facebook you can allow yourself certain concessions of trust. Visual content (images and short videos) prevail on Instagram and short and shocking information on Twitter.

Do email marketing: Surely you have a relevant database that you are just taking advantage of. Why don’t you practice email marketing? This digital marketing tactic serves to retain existing customers and attract the interest of new ones.

Done well it can be very profitable, as email marketing offers the highest ROI ($ 44 for every dollar invested) , according to Mark the Marketer . Of course, you should not confuse email marketing with spam. Control the times, personalize the messages, segment your databases and do not always focus on the content for sale.

Do not forget about traditional marketing: Online marketing is not at odds with outbound , quite the opposite. If you link the strategies in both areas, you will be able to multiply the results.

Continue holding open days, advertise your company in the specialized press, take care of dealing with your customers so that they speak well of you (word of mouth), merchandise your business (pens, notebooks …), etc.

Work on your brand image: As with people, the first impression we receive from a company is the one that conditions our perception of them. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the image of the business to be liked first by potential customers.

The office should convey a sense of order and cleanliness, the agents should pay special attention to their appearance trying to convey confidence, the homes should be well maintained, etc.

All this will transmit a message of credibility that will bring peace of mind to those who are about to make a large real estate investment.

Surely after reading all these guidelines you have wanted to apply them in your business. Perfect, so you can check your results! But remember, real estate marketing tactics yield long-term results (minimum 6 months), so be patient, consistent and persevering and you will reap great benefits.

Keys to success as a real estate agent

Do you have a real estate agency or do you work in the sector? Things are changing very fast and you have to adapt to the situation. Here we give you some keys so that you do not miss the train.

Despite the fact that during the last ten years the Real Estate sector has had one of its worst potholes, it seems that the situation is beginning to rise both in sales and in the number of businesses.

Real estate agencies are beginning to proliferate again, especially following a franchise model, and it is expected that in 2016 there will be a 27% increase in business volume, according to data from the consulting firm.


The key to this rebound in the industry is found in the good economic forecasts for the coming years and, above all, in the fact that many real estate companies have focused their efforts on the foreign public. Well, as reported by Tajarat properties.

20% of the m² sold in the first four months of the year have been acquired by foreigners. Even so, we must continue to be prudent if the aim is to establish itself as a benchmark in the sector in the long term.

Essential elements in a good real estate professional.

Faced with this new era in the home buying and selling market, what is truly important is to earn the trust and loyalty of customers. Only then will you be an authority in the Real Estate industry. Some points to keep in mind on your way to success are the following:

Surround yourself with good professionals. “Experience is a degree” goes a famous popular saying and in this area it is totally true. Working side by side with developers or real estate agents with years of experience behind them will mean continuous learning for you.

Never stop training. The more knowledge you have, the more confidence you will convey. So do not settle for what you already have and continue training in various areas such as marketing, economics, communication, business or technology.

Specialize in a specific area. Find the market segment that best suits you and specialize in it . Luxury homes, second-hand houses, vacation apartments … It doesn’t matter. The essential thing is that you become an expert in this field and that you know how to transmit it to your potential clients.

Have a presence on the internet. Currently the internet has become one of the most important search channels for those who want to buy a home. So it is essential that you and your business have a relevant online presence.

A clear and accessible website, as well as updated profiles on the different social networks (especially on Linkedin and Twitter ) will help you to get contacts and improve your reputation among colleagues.

Create alliances with colleagues in the sector. You never know where your clients may be, so an interesting alternative to develop your business is to associate with related companies such as moving companies, interior design studios or construction companies.

You will be able to offer a more comprehensive service to your clients and your allies will be able to report new ones to you. business opportunities.

Put your sales skills to use. The buying process in the real estate field has very defined phases. There is first a search process, then a selection, after which comes the moment of consideration and, finally, the making of a decision.

A good real estate agent is one who knows how to adapt to the client’s needs at all times and this requires a lot of practice.


Develop your communication skills. Humane treatment in these types of important transactions is essential. Both when negotiating with clients and with homeowners, you have to be personable and convey confidence. Only then will you be able to retain them.

Take care of your physical appearance. As impressive as it is, personal image plays a fundamental role in this business. The first thing people perceive is their physical appearance and if you want investors to place their trust in you, you should start by giving them a good feeling.

The Jared Jones success story.

Jared Jones is a real estate agent who owns Horizon Realty Group, a Las Vegas real estate agency. In 2010 he only managed to sell 931 homes, an unthinkable figure for most professionals. How did he get it?

You ask. He did so thanks to his deep knowledge of the sector. With the Real Estate industry in Las Vegas marked by foreclosures and price swings, Jared Jones focused on bank-owned homes.

He became an expert in the seizure process, both in the previous phase, offering help to the owners, and in the later phase, negotiating with the banks.

This is how Jared Jones managed to gain the trust of everyone and reach 931 sales that led him to top the ranking of the best real estate professionals in America .

This is how Jared Jones knew how to find his place in the real estate industry and become an authority at the American level. Why not do it yourself?


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