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Download the ‘Guide for real estate agents: marketing innovations for Real Estate’

Download the 'Guide for real estate agents: marketing innovations for Real Estate'

‘Guide for real estate agents: marketing innovations for Real Estate’ is the new bedside book for those professionals who want to be at the forefront of the sector.

In recent times the real estate sector has undergone a radical change as a result of factors such as the economic crisis or the establishment of the internet. These two aspects have led to a change in consumer behavior and, therefore, a 360-degree renewal of the Real Estate industry.

The problem is that it seems that many professionals are still not one hundred percent aware of this evolution and continue to apply the traditional marketing and sales tactics that no longer work.

‘For Sale’ posters, flyers with real estate opportunities, shop windows full of property files waiting to be bought … These tricks so well known to all are no longer effective, as people have developed an evasion mechanism that makes them immune to this type of advertising messages.

So how am I going to keep selling properties? You ask. Easy, with the new marketing techniques that rely mainly on the digital universe.

Innovations in marketing for real estate agents.

Marketing news for the Real Estate sector has people as its central axis . In order to develop a good sales strategy, you first need to know your potential customers well.

To do this, you will have to do interviews with past and current clients, as well as with people who you think may be part of your target audience and even colleagues who can provide you with information in this regard.

When you have collected all this information, you will have to analyze it in detail and, based on it, establish a complete and detailed marketing strategy supported by very diverse tools. How to do it? There are many ways to do this: social networks, blogs, web pages, email marketing …

If you don’t have much experience in the online world, these words may sound like Chinese to you. That is why we have developed for you the manual ‘Guide for real estate agents: marketing innovations for Real Estate’.

In this document you will find everything you need to get into the internet and all the possibilities it offers you when it comes to marketing real estate.

There are 3.419 million people with internet access around the world (according to data from the latest We Are Social study , so it is impossible to ignore this large segment of the market. But don’t worry because with the ‘Guide for Real Estate Agents: innovations in marketing for Real Estate ‘you will obtain, among other things, information on the following aspects:

  • How to improve your personal branding or that of your business both online and offline
  • What are buyer personas and why are they so relevant today
  • How to implement digital marketing to increase your sales
  • The importance of personalization in the new scenario of the real estate sector
  • What is smart marketing and how to apply it to get the maximum benefit

Sounds good right? Well, all this is at your fingertips, since you just have to download the ‘Guide for real estate agents: marketing innovations for Real Estate’ prepared by Grupo Esmeralda and start planning the next step in your professional career. You are ready?

3 real estate agent success stories to draw inspiration from

Rich, famous, prestigious … We are not talking about movie stars, but about 3 real estate agents who have turned their careers into success stories. We tell you their stories!

The spirit of improvement is what moves many professionals in the real estate industry of Agro Farm Houses to improve day by day. A clear example of this are the three protagonists of today’s post who, after going through difficult situations and ungrateful jobs, have managed to become some of the best real estate agents today.

3 success stories in which you can be inspired to grow professionally. And believe us, as a reference real estate agency in Calpe we know what we are talking about. Here we discover their stories!

Chad Rogers, from economist to famous agent in Beverly Hills.

At 39, Chad Rogers is a celebrity in the United States, so much so that he even has a television show in which he stars, but his beginnings were not easy.

When he finished high school, Chad decided to study economics, but he soon realized that it was not something that particularly filled him and decided to redirect his career to another sector: Real Estate. He started doing an internship at a real estate agency in Los Angeles and that’s where he discovered that this was really what he wanted to do.

After 14 years working in this industry, the figures managed by this young real estate agent are still surprising. To give some examples, in 2010 it had a turnover of 80 million dollars and only in the first quarter of 2014, 30 million.

According to himself, the key to his success lies in 3 pillars: good photographs, a professional website and having an international vision . He is also very active on social media, channels he uses to attract foreign investors. All of this has earned him a pedigree clientele such as popular television host Ellen DeGeneres.

Fredrik Eklund, from actor X to becoming the agent of the stars.

Mick Jagger, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez. Do these names sound familiar to you? Yes, they are celluloid stars and also members of Fredrik Eklund’s exclusive client portfolio .

Of Swedish origin, his beginnings in the real estate sector were not exactly easy. After a quick passage through the porn film industry, he decided to put this facet aside and focus on the Real Estate business. So one day he decided to set out from Sweden to New York and start his own business.

He did not start selling luxury houses, few do, but his first sale was a small apartment in the Big Apple that cost just over half a million euros. Not bad at all, although the properties it currently sells are far from that number.

To give a few examples, in 2015 she managed to sell the semi-detached apartment that actress Sarah Jessica Parker had in Manhattan for 18.5 million euros and the last of her exploits has been to sell an apartment through her Instagram account for the reasonable price of 92 million euros!

It is not surprising that it has become a success story for real estate agents around the world whom he indoctrinates through his television program, ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’, and his book ‘The Sell’ in the who discovers his sales techniques.

Among them, the importance of physical appearance stands out, “it is the first thing customers see”, says Eklund. He also emphasizes the importance of learning to sell both products / services and oneself, as he says “we constantly put ourselves on the market, when we have an appointment or when we do a job interview.” Therein lies the key to your success.

Nelson Duque, a successful agent under 30 years old.

The story of Nelson Duque is similar to that of all those Latinos who move to the United States in search of the famous ‘American dream’. His family emigrated to Florida when he was not yet born and at the age of 19 he entered the world of Real Estate.

At first, he had to combine the beginnings of his business with a part-time job as a waiter in a restaurant and he admits that it was not easy.

With a modest income of $ 20,000 in the first year that he launched his career as a real estate agent, he had to work very hard to get where he is today. And, where’s that? Well, neither more nor less than to be Vice President of Luxury Developments and Acquisitions of the firm Fortune International Realty.

In this position, he manages a billion dollars in properties ranging from Miami to Uruguay and his exclusive list of clients includes Donald Trump himself, recently appointed President of the United States.

For him, the keys to succeeding in this business are several. On the one hand, knowing the area in which you work very well (his business is centered in the city of Miami and he does not consider expanding to other cities, since he does not know the terrain).

On the other hand, get to know your customers well (who buys, what generation are you targeting …) and prepare the product based on their tastes. Finally, Nelson highlights the importance of hard work, of not thinking about money but of striving to provide good service. That way, the financial reward will come sooner or later.

Did you know that some people compare the Costa Blanca with Miami and its surroundings? If you want to follow Nelson Duque’s example and become a successful real estate agent on the Alicante coast, you are interested in coming to Tajarat properties . We have the best properties and its surroundings. We are waiting!


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