Increase your client portfolio through tourism

Increase your client portfolio through tourism

Traveling can be a way to increase your client base. Here we tell you all the details and advantages.

The key to the success of any business lies in sales, as they are in charge of generating income for any company or freelancer. Autonomous? Yes, those who have to face significant difficulties due to the large number of charges they must meet, and we are sure that most real estate agents are .

For this reason, having a solid portfolio of clients, necessary for sales growth, is essential. But how can I manage my portfolio to increase my customer base?, you will ask yourself.

Conventional advertising, telephone service, personal treatment in the office, now digital marketing … and why not travel to attract new clients? The options to manage your portfolio are more and more numerous and, therefore, here are some tips for you to succeed in the real estate market.

Keys to managing your client portfolio

Getting clients is not a matter of magic, but an arduous task that requires a great effort on your part. We know that with this statement we have not discovered the Americas, but not everyone dedicates the effort they should to achieve the desired success and become the envied entrepreneur or worker. If you follow these simple steps, you will see how your client base grows.

Who are your clients? Define an ideal customer profile and, furthermore, get to know them thoroughly to know where you can find them and what strategies you have to put in place to attract them.

Although the product you sell can fit anyone, it is a mistake to think like this, so you will have to clearly establish who your potential customer is to determine a specific message that will focus all their attention.

Connect with them. If you have a management in your hands or you think you can achieve it, it is very important that you maintain direct contact with the client . In that sense, the phone call is preferable for the most personal and respectful treatment.

The purpose of this is that that client is satisfied with your management and can request your services again in the future. Also, if you achieve that satisfaction, you can become a prescriber and recommend your work to others who may need your advice and help.

Safety in your work activity. Trust yourself and what you do every day, dedicate yourself to it with determination and enthusiasm to develop quality work and generate a good impression among your clients. If you meet these requirements, you will transmit confidence to others and will therefore enjoy a good professional reputation.

Partner with businesses that are not your competitors. A good strategy is to collaborate with companies that are not direct competitors, but that, nevertheless, target the same type of clients that you are looking for. For example, a Tajarat properties may cooperate with a hotel chain.

Renew or die. Social networks are fashionable in society, and your business has to follow these trends to get closer to potential future clients .

Therefore, use your digital profiles to attract buyers. Likewise, avoid that your promotional practices of client portfolio management become a routine and bet on new formulas that help increase your client base.

Business trips to increase the client portfolio?

And the answer is: why not? If you have well defined the niche towards which to direct your strategy, you will know where your potential clients are, and do not think that an ad will be enough to attract them. So why don’t we reach out to them?

Tourism is not always about leisure, but it can also have a professional objective, and in the case of real estate management of blue world city islamabad it is necessary. That is, those agents who establish a personal relationship with their market niche will triumph , even if this contact requires a trip on your part.

On the other hand, professional tourism also hosts trade fairs related to the real estate market. In that sense, traveling to these events is an ideal way to increase your client portfolio, since in them you will be able to publicize the products and services that you sell.

Of course, we recommend that you do not go to all of them, but only to those that are held in places where you can have potential clients.

Traveling, therefore, has interesting advantages to grow your client portfolio and here we tell you the most outstanding ones:

Gain closeness to your customers, who, consequently, will trust you more when buying your products. Also, as they will be satisfied with your management because they will feel safe with it, they will be able to recommend you to other potential clients.

Know where your likely clients reside to generate empathy with them and attract them to your business.

Establish relationship with other businesses to collaborate in the creation of a solid and stable portfolio of clients.

Holidays with babies: best destinations to enjoy

Beach, mountain, foreigner … Here we tell you which are the best destinations to enjoy an unforgettable trip with your baby.

How many times have you been told that when you have children you will not have as much freedom to travel? Don’t worry, it’s a cliché! If you want to spend the holidays with your baby, you can do it without problems.

Family friendly destinations, that is, those that are adapted for children and offer services to parents, are increasingly gaining prominence, so you will not lack in them comforts to enjoy a few days of disconnection from routine and new experiences and memories with your family.

But, beach or mountain? The ideal place does not exist and, if you do not know which one to choose, we recommend that you combine these two environments, as both have positive characteristics for your child.

Another possibility, in addition, is to cross borders, since abroad you can also find wonderful places in which to spend unforgettable days with your little one. If you have already decided to travel, here is a list of some of the best destinations to go on vacation with babies.


Beach destinations

• Calpe and the Costa Blanca . Amusement parks, extensive gravel beaches and coves sculpted by the Mediterranean Sea, hotels adapted for the little ones, dynamic and water sports, group excursions with interactive and cultural activities, popular festivals of the most fun and a long etcetera make this a magnificent enclave to spend the holidays with your baby.

Its extensive promenade also has all kinds of services so that you can enjoy all the comforts, as it is a family tourist destination where you can have fun in large green areas, small traveling fairs or entertaining leisure activities.

• Balearic Islands. Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, all of them exude an unquestionable family atmosphere, especially for their luminous beaches and coves surrounded by the bluest Mediterranean, perfect for traveling with the baby.

Likewise, these areas are equipped with the most basic services so that you can enjoy your vacation with all the comforts. However, these islands, especially Ibiza, are very popular for large parties, so it is recommended that you avoid settling in those nightlife places near nightclubs . Do not forget that your child’s rest, and also yours, is essential.

• Costa Brava . The little ones’ paradise. Six of its towns are marked with the prestigious Family Tourism Destination seal . The beaches and coves that surround this coast, equipped with all the comforts you need, will put all kinds of water activities at your disposal.

But, if you still do not dare with them because your baby is very small, you can choose to have fun in the games designed for children at Gnomo Park or enjoy the Mediterranean fishing culture by visiting museums such as Museo del Mar, Museo de la Pesca de Palamós, Museum of the Mediterranean or the House-Museum of Portlligat.

Likewise, you will meet again with the shadow of Dalí in the bohemian municipality of Cadaqués, where the painter spent a good part of his youth.Nature, culture and family are the trinomial that defines the Costa Brava .

Mountain destinations

• The Pyrenees. The purity of the mountain is an ideal setting for the baby, but make sure that the altitude is not too high. The Pyrenees is, in that sense, a perfect place for a family getaway.

The charm of the comfortable campsites where you will rest in direct contact with nature, the attractive hiking trails that will help you disconnect from the routine or the walk among bears, chamois, deer and marmots in Molló Parc are just some of the reasons that will turn your trip to the Pyrenees into a rich family experience.

• Sierra de Cazorla. The campsites, in this place, are characterized by being located next to the river, from which you can access the bathing areas that provide the cold waters that cross the mountains of this mountain range.

In addition, there are different hiking routes, many of them adapted to the little ones, which you can easily do with your baby in the backpack. In them, you will enjoy, at a safe distance, wild deer and fallow deer and all the nature that surrounds Cazorla, a town where you can go for a delicious aperitif.

Destinations abroad

• The Black Forest of Germany. Fresh air and nature mix with fun in every corner of the Black Forest. This destination, relatively close to Spain, is well equipped to go with babies, as it has interesting attractions for the whole family.

Medieval villages that contain legends, green and extensive meadows guarded by robust cows or ornamental cathedrals that rise on the asphalt are just some of the examples. In addition, you can enjoy all kinds of leisure and sports activities with your baby.

• Northern European countries. Sweden, Denmark, Iceland or Norway are countries that are committed to reconciling work and family life, so the establishments have changing tables and microwaves and public transport of baby seats. To these comforts, in addition, some landscapes of incredible beauty are added, with green and extensive gardens or castles and palaces that seem taken from the most historical novels.


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