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Trends in the real estate sector 2016

Trends in the real estate sector 2016

Trends in the real estate sector is the guide that tells you everything that will happen in this market in 2016. Download it and find out everything.

Do you work in the real estate sector and still can’t trust the positive predictions in the face of the fear generated by the crisis? Put your worries aside, because the future is really promising! 2015 was the best year for the real estate market since 2008, but the results will progress more in the remainder of 2016.

The stabilization of prices, the growth in demand due to the increase in employment and the lower demands for access to credit are the most important indicators that ensure sustainable growth in the sector.

The scenario, however, has changed. The evolution of new technologies and their impact on buyers and agencies, the commitment to sustainable and ecological houses, the arrival of the millennial generation maturity or the change in attitude of investors are some of the questions that assail you today, but that, however, you had not yet considered.

For this reason, at Tajarat properties we have prepared a guide, entitled Trends in the real estate sector , in which you can find everything that will happen in this market in 2016.

What can you read in this guide? The document details the trends of the real estate market in four fields: the influence of technology, the weight and increasing prominence of the millennial generation , sustainability and the environment in the Real Estate market and the relevance of investor portfolios with securities international Knowing what is happening in these scenarios is, today, essential to know how to act in the real estate sector in the long term.

For this reason, we have created this document. Available for computer, tablet or smartphone, you can now download our guide Trends in the real estate sector. This reading will also clear up many of your doubts, but if once finished you still have any concerns, at Grupo Esmeralda we listen to you and, of course, we help you.

Real estate exclusivity contract, is it appropriate or not?

When selling a property there is always the same question: is it appropriate to sign a real estate exclusivity contract? We reveal it to you in the next post.

Suppose you have a property that you own and you want to sell it. Where to start? You may ask yourself in this situation. Some individuals bet on selling it themselves, a situation that is quite complicated when you do not have knowledge on the subject; others, on the other hand, prefer to put it in the hands of a real estate agency.

Faced with this situation, real estate agencies (also known as API) require the signing of a real estate exclusivity contract, which makes many owners regress without being aware that it is something positive for them.

The real estate exclusivity contracts regulate the relationship between the agency and the owner, as well as the conditions of sale. It is always positive to have such issues in writing, so this document is nothing more than a written reflection of what has been agreed between both parties.

An example of an exclusivity contract is the one provided on the Real Estate Legal Adviser portal and its main advantages are the following:

Protection: The primary function of this agreement is to shield both parties. On the one hand, the agency is sure that the work it is doing will not be in vain, since it has exclusivity over the property. While the owner has the guarantee that the real estate will strive to sell quickly and always under the conditions established in the document.

Fees: This contract also serves to set the fees that the API will take for managing the sale of the property. Generally these tend to be around 3% to 5% of the final price for which the house is sold and will always be charged to the seller. In some cases, a percentage can also be charged on the sale to the buyer, although this is not usual.

Guarantee: Working with a trusted agency with experience in the sector gives the seller peace of mind in the face of an operation of such magnitude.

The API will protect your interests, will negotiate higher to sell at the best possible price and will respect the conditions agreed between the two. The interest of the real estate is also to sell the best possible, since its reward for the work done also depends on it, that is why the exclusive service is so positive.

Duration: The real estate exclusivity contract also establishes a period of validity for it, which is usually between six months and one year.

This point benefits the owner, since he knows that the agency has a specific deadline to be able to sell his property and if he cannot, he can find another partner or renegotiate the contractual conditions.

Methodology: Before the agreement is signed, it is usual for the agency to explain its working method to you. The normal thing is that they provide you with an action calendar that includes the steps to follow (publication of the ad, contact count, visit management, open house, negotiations with individuals, etc.).

If you do not agree with any of the steps, you can contribute your point of view or even be part of the process by accompanying the visits, for example.

Aspects to consider before choosing an API

Although, as we have advanced, the real estate exclusivity contract is a document that above all protects the seller , it is important to choose the agency with which it is going to be signed. Each API has its own way of working and it is essential to find one that suits your requirements and offers you the confidence you need. What issues is important to assess before choosing a real estate?

Background: Look for an agency with years of experience in the industry that can provide references. If you know someone who has worked with them and can tell you about their experience, so much the better.

Keep in mind that many businesses have proliferated around this sector (especially online) and not all of them have the necessary guarantees to face operations in which so much money moves.

Trust: Above all, it is essential that they convey confidence and professionalism to you. Think that you are going to put in their hands one of the most important transactions of your life and that there are many elements at stake.

They must marry you, ensure a sale process as fast and clean as possible and be clear about the conditions that can be achieved for the sale.

Negotiation: Many real estate companies impose their requirements on the owners without the possibility of negotiating. It is not convenient that you accept conditions before which you do not feel safe.

Find an agency that gives you the opportunity to talk and negotiate the points of the contract , as well as to reach a mutual agreement that reflects the interests of both parties.

In summary, the exclusive contract is one of the best options for all those who are faced with the task of selling a property. Before a real estate investment it is essential to have everything well tied to be able to guarantee the success of the operation.

Tips to build trust in the real estate sector

Get to know the customer, communicate with transparency, work responsibly … We tell you all the secrets to gain the trust of buyers.

Increasing the level of trust is a challenge for anyone, even more so if we talk about doing business. In this sense, the importance of having the trust of customers in sectors such as real estate has a direct impact on home sales.

Success, therefore, lies in winning over users under criteria of transparency, communication and professionalism. Do you think it is a difficult task? No way! Start by enjoying your work and follow blue world city islamabad advice to increase confidence in the real estate sector. Walk the path of this infographic to get to the most precious trophy: the trust of your customers!

Properties by the sea

When these dates arrive we begin to think about the beach and the sea. If you want to stop dreaming and experience this sensation as something real, look at our apartments in Calpe and get one.

Enjoying the sea breeze, the bright summer sun and the most spectacular sunsets is at your fingertips. How? With the spectacular apartments in Calpe that we put at your disposal at Grupo Esmeralda.

On the beachfront, with all services one step away, equipped with all the essentials and in an enviable environment. Are you interested? Read on and decide what your headquarters will be during the next vacation.

• Larimar 2D

This modern 93 m² apartment is perfect for a family with young children. Why? Because it is located in a residential area with all kinds of activities for children, such as a swimming pool or common areas.

The apartment has 2 bedrooms and two bathrooms (one of them inside the room), a fully equipped kitchen and a spacious living-dining room decorated in a Mediterranean style.

The marina is also very close, which guarantees excellent views of the sea that you can contemplate from the terrace of the apartment. Other additional benefits that the house includes are air conditioning, Jacuzzi, elevator and parking.


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