What are the best Facebook advertising tools for small businesses

Best Facebook advertising tools for small businesses

Here’s what I’d recommend based on my experience with Facebook Ads for my site (an experiment I’m conducting in local news gathering):

Best Facebook advertising tools for small businesses

  1. Begin by ensuring that your company’s Facebook page is live and current. Before you buy ad ad, keep it updated for at least a week (ideally more). (How is business doing for you? Are there any coupons available? Are there any special offers? Were you featured in the local newspaper? Is there something going on in your town that your company is involved with? Make sure to direct folks to your company’s website from your Facebook page.)
  2. Instead of promoting your business website, use your Facebook ad to promote your Facebook page. When users click on the link, they will see something familiar. It’s up to you to supply something that will keep them there once they arrive (see No. 1, above). Why should people be directed to your Facebook page? Because the result may be seen more clearly. You can keep track of your “likes” and make quick judgements on whether your current ad campaign is effective.
  3. Make sure to target the ad as precisely as possible while constructing it. Begin by focusing on a small group of people who are most likely to be interested (I targeted small business owners and people who liked “news” in a single zip code, for starters). When the number of “likes” on your page starts to rise, you can extend your targeting to include those who are less interested but may be persuaded to “join” by the number of “likes” your page has.
  4. Don’t be scared to bid at the very bottom of the specified price range. My ad was accepted despite the fact that I bid below the lowest advised price. If it isn’t approved, simply increase your bid. (In several cases, the actual cost I paid was less than the bid.)
  5. Maintain a low daily budget likes fb. For initially, I only wanted to spend $100, so I set a daily budget of $10. I paid for each ad click, but when it reached $10 in a day, my ad vanished. This allowed me to keep costs down while also gaining a solid idea of the ad’s success.

In about a month, my efforts tripled my “likes,” but I was a new service in what I perceived to be an underserved market. In addition, my “experiment” was completely free. I can’t guarantee you’ll get the same results, but I figured I’d share anyway. I was also able to start the campaign with fewer than 100 likes, despite another answerer’s assertion that you need at least 100. If you’re under 100, I’d recommend giving it a try; it worked for me. Best of luck!

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